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How Living Being Farms increased CSA revenue from $0 to $1000 a week

Farmhand's Managed CSA solution revolutionized this small family farm's approach to a CSA program, resulting in 30+ new CSA members and $1,000+ in weekly revenue–in just four weeks.

The Challenge: Scaling a Sustainable CSA

After a few years in business, Joseph and Kerly quickly became well-known within their community, and could be found at multiple farmers’ markets every week. However, they recognized that they didn’t have an efficient way to capture shoppers’ information, whose busy schedules limited their farmers market visits. As a result, Joseph and Kerly had more occasional buyers than regulars–even if their customers wanted to do more to support the farm.  

Joseph and Kerly needed a solution that could turn one-time shoppers into ongoing subscriptions, but they couldn't find the right solution among available software, which had high upfront costs and difficult setups. Recognizing the potential to serve more of their community and semi-regular customers with a flexible CSA approach, Living Being Farms partnered with Farmhand.

The Solution: Farm Fresh, Made Flexible

In a matter of days, Farmhand launched a secure, mobile-friendly website, online sign up form and managed platform for their CSA, and provided flyers and signage to display at their farmers markets.  

The new site quickly converted visitors into paying customers, thanks to Farmhand’s online subscription management, SMS alerts, and the flexibility to skip any week. And the customers weren’t the only happy ones–Joseph and Kerly loved how easy it was to use the platform, and how there were no upfront costs.

Harvesting success with Farmhand



Weekly revenue < 30 days

New members in < 30 days

"Being able to launch and grow a CSA in 30 days with no upfront costs–incredible."

Joseph and KerlyCo-owners of Living Being FarmsLake County, CA

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How Deep Roots Farm Doubled Their CSA Program in One Month

Migrating to Farmhand's Managed CSA software boosted this small farm’s revenue by 70%

Rooted in Penngrove, California

With a background in sales and seven generations of family farming to draw upon, Chris Herrera opened Deep Roots Farm, driven by a commitment to serve his community's needs. Recognizing the potential to provide local residents with a CSA, Chris initially opted for LocalLine, a CSA platform he had learned about through a podcast. 

The Challenge: Navigating Growing Pains

Chris thrived as he engaged with customers at his farmstand, jotting down their contact information with pen and paper and assisting them in navigating the CSA sign-up process. However, despite their unwavering support, LocalLine fell short of Chris's expectations. 

High fees and a less-than-user-friendly platform frustrated both him and his members. Ordering became a hassle for customers, as they had to enter their credit card information every week they wanted to participate in Chris’s CSA. Behind the scenes, the workload piled up – adjusting member subscriptions, managing payments, and keeping in touch with customers. It all became overwhelming, and even with a modest-sized CSA, the idea of expansion was daunting.

Chris realized that the flexible, subscription-based support he thought he’d be able to offer his customers would require a hefty upcharge to his existing monthly CSA software subscription. As a numbers guy, Chris knew that something wasn’t adding up. 

While switching platforms mid-season seemed risky, Chris’ eagerness to supercharge his business and meet the community's needs led him to Farmhand.   

The Solution: A Seamless Mid-Season Migration

Chris partnered with Farmhand to bring his CSA vision to life without any upfront costs or interruptions. In just a few hours, Chris’ dream of a CSA with no setup fees, the option to skip weeks, and managed member sign-ups, communication, and payment was implemented, and all of his existing CSA members were migrated over to Farmhand with zero interruptions.  

Farmhand also launched a secure, mobile-friendly website, online sign up form and managed platform for the CSA, and a comprehensive CSA management platform. Paired with new farmstand flyers and signage, Chris had everything he needed to digitally capture leads from his Farmstand and turn them into repeat CSA subscribers.  

Harvesting success with Farmhand



Weekly revenue growth in < 30 days

CSA members in < 30 days

"Switching CSA software mid-season was a risk, but the seamless transition and resulting ROI was well worth it."

Chris HerreraOwner of Deep Roots Farm, Penngrove, CA

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