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Solutions created to match your farm’s CSA goals and management style.

Features for you, and your customers

Increase customer value

Farmhand securely stores all of your CSA members’ payment details, enabling you to effortlessly convert members into high-ticket upsells through agritourism, farm dinners, events, workshops, tours, holiday promotions, and more.  

Never sit down at the computer again! Get real-time insights and SMS reports on everything from members' food preferences and allergies, to spending habits and revenue. 

Maintain five-star support

With expertly-managed SMS, email, and chat support, you can offload skip/hold requests, FAQs, payment errors, and last-minute order modifications to Farmhand, and reallocate time on farming and community building.

Customize your offerings

From custom pickup and delivery times, order deadlines, add-on offerings and skips/hold settings, Farmhand is designed to let you run your CSA your way.

Streamline fulfillment

Download and print pick and pack lists, generate a delivery route, and rest assured knowing all communications, including order alerts, payment reminders, and delivery or pickup notifications, have already been sent on your behalf. All you have to do is pick, pack, and deliver.

Improve margins

Share payment processing costs with your buyers to increase margins and collect payments faster.

Stay in the know


Our solutions yield results

$0 to $1,000

2x members

"Farmhand took us from $0 to $1,000 weeks–with zero upfront costs. Their flexible approach and support have been a true game-changer.” 

"Switching software mid-season was a risk, but the seamless transition and ROI was well worth it. Farmhand helped us double our CSA program and boosted our weekly revenue by 70%."

- Joe E., Living Being Farms

- Chris H., Deep Roots Farm

Zero upfront costs

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